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HERGIFT 101 - Sweet Chic Bambi

HERGIFT 101 - Sweet Chic Bambi

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 This box is hand packed with *mindfulness*

The Sweet Chic Bambi box has sweet indulgence & style ... featuring Loco Love Chocolates our fav Vegan Choc friends and the On Brand Team at Emeldo Earrings our go to earring peeps

  •  Loco love chocolates are created to sit back in gratitude and to enjoy natures gifts in their most delicious and seductive form. There is magic in their chocolates take a moment to be still , be present and devour each one and let the love in..
  • A raw salted caramel atop an activated buckwheat base, the prefect combination of chewy and crunchy. Spiked with mineral rich mesquite and tahini for extra nutrition. This flavour keeps loco love in business ..

    2 x Pack Boxed Chocolates 25g each Ingredients : Cashews, buckwheat base , dates, cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut blossom sugar, brown rich syrup, tahini, mesquite powder, vanilla powder, celtic salt

    Chocolate are vegan, soyfree, filler free, refined sugar free.

  • Bambi Earrings/ Bronze Chunky Glitter with Aqua by the talented team at Emeldo Earrings
 Beautifully packaged in our lux HERGIFT101 white boxes with complimentary card for that special message to her..